Company Profile

Company Name:
IRM Japan Corporation Limited
International Refreshment Machines Japan Corporation Limited
Head Office:
669-1 Hattamachi, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa Japan 924-0001
TEL +81-76-274-3838
FAX +81-76-274-3839
Hiroshi Watanabe
Date Founded:
August 10th 2015
50,000,000 Japanese Yen (GRN owns 100% stake)
Business Overview:
Service and refurbish various vending machine and its related equipment
Sales and export import business of various vending machines, spare parts and its related equipment
Business management contractor
Business management consultant
Group Company:
Company Name Business Overview
GRN Co., Ltd. Contractor of business management, renting & managing real estate and contractor of vending machine and repair, alcohol beverage wholesales, wholesaler and export management of Japanese sake
Hiscom Co., Ltd. Planning, development, management and maintenance of IT systems, contractor of logistics, cargo and warehouse management
Hokuriku Recycle Center Co., Ltd. Industrial waste collection and disposal
Wakatsuru Shuzo Co., Ltd. Production and retail sales of alcoholic beverages
Relax Co., Ltd. Whole seller of imported wines & spirits and food
W.I.C. Co., Ltd. Whole seller of imported hard liquor, wines, and food from overseas
Nihonkai Chouon Co., Ltd. Air conditional and cooling unit construction and pipe processing
Affiliate Company:
Company Name Business Overview
Soh Soh Co., Ltd. Insurance agency, real estate leasing
Subcontracting Company:
Company Name Business Overview
Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. Beverage supplier (wholesale and retail sales)
Benefrex Co., Ltd. Retail sales of beverages, confectionaries and cigarettes via vending machine
Hokuriku Coca-Cola Products Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and processing of beverages
Nabeul Co., Ltd. Retail of beverages, food and frozen confectionaries via vending machines

Company History

Launched vending machine placement and maintenance business
Newly established Hokuriku factory at Hakusan city (previously Matto city ) Ishikawa prefecture
Obtained ISO9002 certification
Newly established Nagano factory at Azumino city Nagano prefecture
Nagano factory obtained ISO9001 certification
2015 October
Took over maintenance business and assets from related company
2016 July
Obtained antiquary license
2016 August
Renewed ISO9001 2008 version

Group Company Chart

Group Company Chart

Corporate Philosophy

With our refreshment machines business,
We continuously deliver refreshment to
People around the world

Management Vision

Soh Soh group aim to be an uplifting company that its employees are able to feel pleasure of working. Each employee pursues for value creation and continuously seeking for evolution. We aim to be an attractive company that is trusted and loved by consumer, customer and local community.